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Nocturne #1: Night revelations

How are you this late night? I hope you are well, and you want to read. Because I really want to read and I can boldly say that the desire … Read More

Bookish plans for 2022

Bookish plans for 2022

How are you, wonderful people? How do you find the beginning of this new and long-awaited year? Were you able to get inspired for a new beginning? Let’s be honest, … Read More

Favorite Books I read in 2021

Top 13 Favorite Books I read in 2021

Believe it or not, 2021 is coming to an end and this time I intend to share my favorite books of the year in its last day. For 2020, I … Read More

A Short Monologue of a Reader

I used to enjoy writing about books. This is why I do have bookish blogs in the first place. However the last few years with all the categorization and stuff, … Read More