Fortune is a Woman

Elizabeth Adler – Fortune is a Woman

Fortune is a WomanFortune is a Woman

Author: Elizabeth Adler
Date read: 31 August 2014
Times read: 2
Rating: 5/5 stars

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Just like “Rising Sun”, this was my second time to read this book. Difference is that I didn’t remember anything from my first time. I wasn’t supposed to read it, because my mom started reading it, but she had some other things to do, so I took it.

The story is so compelling, once you start reading it – you just can’t stop.
I like the way, in which the story began. From the middle, it goes back in the past, and in the end – the far future. Francie’s early story and Annie’s one are so interesting and so sad at the same time. Their childhood and their young years – so different and so the same.

There’s no doubt that the most interesting story is that of Lai Tsin. “His” power and way of thinking. There is so much sorrow and so much responsibility in this character. If only there is such persons in the real life.

The characters I don’t like at all are 3 – Francie’s father and brother and Sammy Morris. But of course, without them the story would not be that tempting.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. There is some hystory, some romance and lots of tragedies, but the reading worths… every single word.

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