Natasha Brown – Fledgling


Author: Natasha Brown
Series: The Shapeshifter Chronicles, Book 1
Date read: 7 January 2015
Times read: 1
Rating: 4/5 stars

Book page

Finally, I finished this book. I bought it 5 months ago from Amazon, and weeks later I started to read it on my Kindle. I can say that this is very interesting book. I remember when I found it, I read an excerpt and since then I wanted to buy it, but I wasn’t able to. Then why it took me so much time to finish it? I think because it’s Kindle edition, and believe me – I don’t like reading through my phone. Other thing is that I was able to read only during 20 minutes breaks while at work.

On the book. This is not traditional book about vampires, shifters or anything like this. Yes, it’s about shifters, but not in the traditional ways I used to meet them in other books. It’s totally new way of representation. Of course, there is that “usual” things like “normal” girl likes the bad boy and happily he loves her too. And of course, he have a secret and etcetera…

I like the way in which Natasha Brown write. I like how she describe the nature and I like that way of writing conversations. It’s easy to read and don’t let you get bored.

I do recommend this book. It’s the first one from this series. There is two more books released since now, and I’m planning to buy and read them some time soon. And you can start reading too, as “Fledgling” is still free to buy from Amazon!

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