Clockwork Angel

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel

Clockwork AngelClockwork Angel

Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices, Book 1
Date read: 7 April 2016
Times read: 1
Rating: 5/5 stars

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Okay, you’ve got me… I’m in love. Ever since I’ve finished The Mortal Instruments series I wanted to start reading this, but… you know what happens when many books await you to read them.

Anyhow, I bought “Lady Midnight” last week, so I thought that I have to read this series first. And so I did. A friend of mine sent me digital copies of all 3 books in the series and I started reading instantly.

This is the first digital copy of a book that I read so fast. I was drown in the story and I wasn’t able to stop reading. It’s very interesting – the set, the story, the characters and the old London… I must say that London is one of my favorite cities, I once lived there for a while and probably this is also a reason that I was tempted to read a story, which place settling is in London. And I’m glad that I read it.

Falling again in the world of Shadownhunters was easy for me. Once known, it’s like a homecoming. I enjoy all the stories about vampires, angels, Fae etc. I love the way Cassie Clare present everything – there’s mysteries, there’s love and there’s magic. And I love magic.

And for the first time since many books I finally found a female character that I like. Tessa is nice girl with interesting abilities. Yes, she’s a little bit silly, but not in a bad way. She have a rare power to bear with and this is something pretty much different even in the magical world of the Shadowhunters. Or at least, this made the story interesting for me. Will and Jem are also interesting characters. I have some hints about them, but I don’t want to ruin the end with reading spoilers, so I must wait and read the other 2 books.

I must say, it’s a good book and good beginning of the trilogy. It’s absolutely recommended by me.

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