Clockwork Princess

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Princess

Clockwork PrincessClockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices, Book 3
Date read: 2 May 2016
Times read: 1
Rating: 5/5 stars

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This is absolutely the best final to a series I had ever read!

Yes, I’m being honest. This book is good and I finished it for 2 days only. It was amazingly writen, very interesting and I wasn’t able to put it down.

As “Clockwork Prince” was more about Tessa and Jem, “Clockwork Princess” is more about Tessa and Will. Well, about Jem too and this was the most heartbreaking story. I’m not gonna lie, I cried a lot. Jem was my favorite character in all books, even though my heart ached for Will too. Cassandra Clare is a genius for sure.

In the whole book we’re able to see how Jem and Will developed themselves and also the struggle of Tessa, who loved both guys. Yeah, I loved them too and I also will not be able to choose only one of them. To see how Jem understands Will’s love to Tessa and how he send him to go and save her from the Magister when he was facing the dead was a moment I filled with my tears. And later on, when the fight took place… it was heartbreaking.

Tessa loving them both. Will loving them both and Jem loving them both. So interesting triangle. And yet so beautiful. You can’t just choose one, it’s absolutely impossible.

And I dare to say that Cassandra knew what she was doing. She has created so beautiful story, that I’m sure anyone who read the book loved.

“Clockwork Princess” is the book, which made me cry at most of its pages. I cried with Jem and Jessie, I cried with Will and I cried even in the end. I knew it that Will was really old when he died, but seeing everything and everyone around him – I cried with them too.

I know that some people don’t agree with the end of the trilogy, but I think it couldn’t be better. Will had his time and so had it Jem. I’m glad that I finished “The Mortal Instruments” first and I wasn’t surprised what I will see on the bridge for the annual date. Yet I was amazed with the way it really ended. As I said, it was the best end. And now I’m gonna struggle while I start reading “Lady Midnight”.

All in all, best book I had read in ages. It’s recommended for everyone.

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