June & July Wrap Up

And it looks like July is almost over. I missed the wrap up last month, so this one is going to be for the both months. Plus, at the end of the post I’ll write some more things about this website and my blog. But first, let’s see the books, which I’d managed to read the last two months.


Quidditch Through the Ages

As you may see I’d been able to buy and read one of Harry Potter’s school books – “Quidditch Through the Ages” by the incredible Kennilworthy Whisp and with the help of the famous J.K. Rowling. As I’m also a fan of this so popular magic game and also very big Harry Potter fan, I decided to buy this book and I remember that I finished it for like… 1 hour. It’s very interesting book and now I know lots of things about this sport – the history, brooms and also the rules. Of course, I’ve got it in my native language (Bulgarian), but I’m planning to buy in English as well. I hope that some other school books will be published as well.

A Court of Mist and Fury

“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas was also one of the books that I managed to finish in June. As I wrote in my full review, I fell in love with this book. I liked the story in the first book, but I was absolutely blown.

You can read my honest review here!

I also read the 3rd volume of the manga “Death Note: Hard Run” by Tsugumi Ohba. I’m a big fan of all Japanese things like manga and anime, so having this one in Bulgarian was absolutely a must to read.

“Sweet Filthy Boy” by Christina Lauren is a book that I’m not really satisfied with. It’s the first book from a series and I must say that I didn’t liked it. At all. Everything is just about sex, sex and more sex. There hadn’t any good content there, so I’m glad that I have it only on digital version. A big disappointment. I’m not sure that I’m going to read more books from this series.

“The Bane Chronicles” by Cassandra Clare and friends is a whole book, which contains all 11 stories from the series. I decided to finish this book first, before beginning “Lady Midnight”. I love Magnus Bane and I’m totally in love with him now. He is way too much gorgeous! An awesome book character.

Beautiful Bastard

“Beautiful Bastard” is the first book from another series by Christina Lauren. A friend of friend gave it to me and recommended it, so I decided to  give it a try. There’s too much sex in here as well, but it’s ways better than the other one. I’m not gonna lie that I enjoyed reading this one. It’s fresh and it’s a read for the summer. It’s easy going and the sex scenes wasn’t the biggest part of the book, which I’d liked. Really better from the other series of this 2 women. (Yes, I know that they are two, but firstly I thought that it’s only 1 woman… really really crazy woman, hungry for sex.

“Rubinrot” or “Ruby Red” is a book from Kerstin Gier. I was wondering if I have to begin with this, but it’s not a big book, so I decided to give it a chance. I finished it for 2 days only and now I plan to read the other 2 books from the trilogy.

I’m also glad that I finally finished “The Eternity Cure” by Julie Kagawa. This is the second book from “Blood of Eden” series. It’s interesting book, but it really took me a lot of time to finish it. I hope the 3rd book won’t be so slow-read as this one.


So, this was my wrap up for June and July. I’m currently reading “Lady Midnight” by Cassandra Clare (finally). I hope that I’ll be able to read more books in the upcoming months.

Also, here comes the small announcement about the site. Drums comes here

I’m going to create few more sections. Also, will divide the review and the book page, so I think I’ll have lots of work. There are also few more things, but let them be a surprise! ^^

Wishing a great summer to every reader! And when it comes to the summer… which is your summer read, my dear reader?

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