Introducing B(V)loggers Series: Reviews from a Bookworm

Since there’s a really few blog posts on my site for the last months, I decided to create some more new “series” of things, so I’ll have what to post here and also will share the love for some bookish blogs, which I follow! And of course, the people behind them! So here I am, starting with the first blog.


Reviews from a Bookworm

This is the first blog, for which I’m going to write about. I found this woman on Goodreads. She have lots of good reviews for books that I also like. I stumbled upon her lots of times, so after a few more reviews I decided to check her profile. And from there, of course, I found her blog!

I follow her posts since then and I must say that I like her style and way of writing. Plus, I would like to go and live in her apartment. Yeah, I’m in love with her bookshelves. I follow her also on Instagram and it’s pure awesomeness. Really, go check her now.

And when we talk about huge book hauls, she is the person, who’s buying more than me and so I can show her to my mom and calm her down. Yeah, my mother freaks out every time when I buy more than 2 books. xD

Anyway, I’ll put the links to her profiles down below, so be free to follow them! ^^ You may know her as well.


Next blog or vlog: soon! ^^

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