Goodreads Book Challenge 2016

Holly Mother of Yeah!!! xD It’s official! I completed my book challenge on Goodreads for this year!

Okay, I’ll calm down! I know that 35 books are not too much, but comparing to the last year, in which I wasn’t able to complete the challenge, this is an incredible result – to finish the challenge in the end of July. I must say that this year I have more time to read and I’ll continue to give myself more and more time for reading.

I should also say that, if we really count the books, I probably had read more than 50 books, but there had books, which I reread and they can’t be included in the challenge.

So below you can see the books included in my challenge for this year. Did you read some of them?

2016 goodreads

I will continue reading books this year, even though I completed the challenge.

So how about you?

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