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Author: Ashley Poston
Date read: 17 May 2017
Times read: 1

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I loved this book!

What can I say? I was so hooked with it and I finished it in 2 sittings. I saw it on BookTube – it was the Booksplosion’s book of the month for April and Jesse, Kat and Christine were talking about it that much, so I decided to pick it up. And I don’t regret at all.

It is said that this book is a Cinderella retelling, but I must say that this is the best Cinderella retelling ever. Mix some geeks, some glitter and Cinderella – and voila, a great book is created.

As a huge geek myself, I really liked the concept of the story. It is written with 2 POV and I really enjoyed it this way. We follow both Elle and Darien, who are both fans of Starfield – geeky TV show, about a spaceship. Elle is the biggest fan, as her father is the creator of ExcelsiCon, Darien is theone, having the mission to play Carmindor – the lead male character in Starfield. They don’t like each other at all, or do they?

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What I liked the most:

  • All the geek things. Really the most awesome. All the links to different fandoms were so awesome and I loved them. Especially the ones with Lord of the Rings. How awesome is that? I loved it!!! And all the feels about the fandom – the fandom is family, right? I felt that!
  • The friendship. I loved the relationships that formed in this book. I’m not gonna write more, because it’s a bit spoiler-y, so I just gonna leave this quote here.

She reaches out to take the jacket. I hesitate for a moment, like Frodo with his Ring, but then I remember how much crap Frodo walked into and I’d rather not end up like Frodo. So I give it to Sage.

  • The industry explanations. I’m also very interested in film industry and I like to know all about the “back stage” things, so I liked to read all about these things and I kind of have to say that I liked the Darien parts more than the ones of Elle.
  • Darien and Elle! I can’t stop myself for falling for this couple. They are so sweet, both of them. I liked to explore their relationship and how they realized who they are, for real.

Overall, I liked the story a lot. It really put me back into all those fandom feels. And it messed up with my mind so much, that I started a new project. And this book definitely goes to one of my most favorite books of the year, so be sure to check it out!

Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.

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Rating: 4/5 stars


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  1. I am THRILLED to be part of the Geekerella blog tour today. I was really excited about this book when Quirk sent me a copy, and, as you all know, it’s become one of my favorite books, and I can’t stop talking about it! Today author Ashley Poston joins me on the blog for a fun guest post about finding Prince Charming.

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