New Releases for February 2021

New month is here and I can’t really believe that January is already gone and we are having a head start of the second month of the year. Yeah, the time flies so fast.

In my new program to actually revive this place, I kinda decided to show you the new releases I’m interested in. So every month you can expect to see some new releases. Let’s begin!

2nd February

Make Up Break Up

by Lily Menon

Much Ado About You

by Samantha Young


by Brittany Cavallaro

Love Is a Revolution

by Renée Watson

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

by Crystal Maldonado

A Taste for Love

by Jennifer Yen

Meet You in the Middle

by Devon Daniels

Of Wicked Blood

by Olivia Wildenstein & Katie Hayoz

The Bad Muslim Discount

by Syed M. Masood

Land of Big Numbers

by Te-Ping Chen

Love in English

by Maria E. Andreu

That Sounds Fun: The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby

by Annie F. Downs

9th February

A Pho Love Story

by Loan Le

A Lady’s Formula for Love

by Elizabeth Everett

Fireheart Tiger

by Aliette de Bodard

As Far as You’ll Take Me

by Phil Stamper

The Love Square

by Laura Jane Williams

Never Have I Ever

by Isabel Yap

16th February

A ​Court of Silver Flames

by Sarah J. Maas

Of Silver and Shadow

by Jennifer Gruenke

Serena Singh Flips the Script

by Sonya Lalli

23rd February

Honey Girl

by Morgan Rogers

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