• Wintersong

    S. Jae-Jones – Wintersong

    Wintersong Author: S. Jae-Jones Series: Wintersong, Book 1 Date read: 11 April 2017 Times read: 1 Book page [clear] I love this book!!! Originally, this book is retelling of the famous movie “Labyrinth” with our long-loved Mr. Bowie. It seems that lots of people had watch it, but I’m not, so this book was fresh for me, with no expectations and I must say that I liked it a lot! I wanted this book not only because the synopsis caught my interest, but also because this beautiful cover. Look at it. Isn’t it perfect? I do love roses, as it can be seen and I had to have it. At…

  • May Wrap Up
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    May Wrap Up

    I haven’t been here for a long time, I know. But here I am, finally, and these are the books that I read during the month of May! Yeah!~ A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sara J Maas This is the third and final book from Feyre’s POV in ACOTAR world. And I love it. Queen Maas made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to throw the book away, but it was worth it. I love the ending and all the things that happened. All characters were very interesting and I can’t wait to see from which point of view will be the next book. Obviously, 5/5…

  • News

    Cover Reveal: S.E. Green – Ultimate Sacrifice

    The UK based publishing company Oftomes Publishing will release their horror debut novel. Ultimate Sacrifice by S. E. Green is coming out October 10th. It is a creepy, mystery horror with super natural themes. Sounds interesting, right? And the cover is really stunning! Are you ready for it? . . . Yes? . . . . . . . And the full cover – front and back – is just perfect. Do you like the spine? I do!!! Add the book on Goodreads!

  • The Unexpected Everything

    Morgan Matson – The Unexpected Everything

    The Unexpected Everything Author: Morgan Matson Date read: 18 February 2017 Times read: 1 Book page I’ve heard a lot about this book through BookTube and one day while browsing at Book Depository, just added it to my list and bought it. I didn’t expected it to be that large – 528 pages for a contemporary book is a bit much, right? And as always, it took me some months to get into it. This time, it was because of Valintine’s Day – I wanted to read some romantic book. I thought that it will take me lots of time to read it, considering the fact that it’s English and…

  • august wrap up
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    August Wrap Up

    So, August came to its end and now there is the beginning of the autumn coming up. (Yes, I pretty much mess British with American English, and yes, I do prefer the word autumn instead of fall). Anyway, I put myself on a challenge this August and I have to read some books – something like a read-a-thon, but the whole month. There had 7 different categories and I completed 6 of them, so I’m kind of content. Well, let’s see what I did read in the month of August! The Tales of Beedle the Bard Author: J.K. Rowling Series: Hogwarts Library Well, this book was released in Bulgaria long…

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    Goodreads Book Challenge 2016

    Holly Mother of Yeah!!! xD It’s official! I completed my book challenge on Goodreads for this year! Okay, I’ll calm down! I know that 35 books are not too much, but comparing to the last year, in which I wasn’t able to complete the challenge, this is an incredible result – to finish the challenge in the end of July. I must say that this year I have more time to read and I’ll continue to give myself more and more time for reading. I should also say that, if we really count the books, I probably had read more than 50 books, but there had books, which I reread…

  • Bloggers & more

    Introducing B(V)loggers Series: Reviews from a Bookworm

    Since there’s a really few blog posts on my site for the last months, I decided to create some more new “series” of things, so I’ll have what to post here and also will share the love for some bookish blogs, which I follow! And of course, the people behind them! So here I am, starting with the first blog. Reviews from a Bookworm This is the first blog, for which I’m going to write about. I found this woman on Goodreads. She have lots of good reviews for books that I also like. I stumbled upon her lots of times, so after a few more reviews I decided to…

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    June & July Wrap Up

    And it looks like July is almost over. I missed the wrap up last month, so this one is going to be for the both months. Plus, at the end of the post I’ll write some more things about this website and my blog. But first, let’s see the books, which I’d managed to read the last two months. ~~~ As you may see I’d been able to buy and read one of Harry Potter’s school books – “Quidditch Through the Ages” by the incredible Kennilworthy Whisp and with the help of the famous J.K. Rowling. As I’m also a fan of this so popular magic game and also very…