“Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better” by Madisen Kuhn

I crave a lover who will write me poems
or at least one who will want to read mine

I have started reading this book by chance. I am into poetry recently and a friend gave me this book as it looked like it will be an interesting read for me. And it really was.

I can say that I am mostly part of the admirers of the old school poets. But I am more and more getting into the modern poetry world these days. And even though I’m not the best poetry reviewer, I think this book deserves more attention.

“Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better” by Madisen Kuhn is a poetry collection, which mostly talk about love. And by love I mean romantic love. Our narrator here loves with passion and wants to be loved back. And isn’t this what every woman in the world wants? To be loved the same way she loves.

Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better

Here the author also shows the real pain of being left. And not just left by someone, but by one of your parents – a person, who is supposed to be by your side no matter what. I am not familiar with this feeling myself, but I could feel the pain intertwined between the words there and it was hard.

It always amuses me how poetry can make us feel. Sometimes even a line can hit you as a train and after you read it, you feel like the world is completely different. Sometimes a poem can make you feel that you are finally understood. And sometimes you finally feel that you met a friend. And in this collection I have found poems that clicked with me.

depression is silent
you never hear it coming
and suddenly it’s
the loudest voice in your head

Would I recommend “Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better”? Yes, I will. And please make sure to read until the end. Only then you will be able to understand why this collection has this title. It hits unexpectedly.

3.5/5 stars

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