Bookish plans for 2022

Bookish plans for 2022

Hello, dear readers!

How are you, wonderful people? How do you find the beginning of this new and long-awaited year? Were you able to get inspired for a new beginning? Let’s be honest, it will hardly happen in one day, but it doesn’t hurt to try. So I sat down and decided to make a plan to really try to get back to writing and reading more books this year. After the last two years, I feel it’s finally time. So let me share my short plan for 2022 with you, maybe you can be inspired for something more too.

Reading plans

This time I decided to lay low and in my Goodreads Challenge I have added only 32 books – one more than I managed to read in 2021. It’s also time to read those few books I’ve already started and push away for months in a row. It’s weird because I’ve been waiting for some of them for a long time, and now hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and read them in peace.

The other thing I decided for the new year is a new challenge – Amairo Challenge for 2022, and this time I will focus on a book trip around the world. Every month I am going to read a book that would take me to a different country in the world. For now, I haven’t decided in which month which country it will be, except for January and February. In January I plan to go to the UK, and in February to Italy.

Another challenge arose in another bookish field, namely to read the Bible in one year. I will follow a prepared plan and I hope to be able to overcome it this time, and not to reach the 5th chapter of Genesis only. If anyone is willing to join – send me a message or write a comment and I will share my plan with you.

Writing plans

No, I’m not going to write a book, or at least not yet. If one day this happens, I will definitely share it with you first. This time I mean writing on the blog, which I have unfortunately neglected a lot in the last year and a half (and even more).

This time I decided to write more actively, not so structured, as this obviously hinders me from writing. Also I am going to add to this blog a new rubric called “3-2-1 Monday”, which I really like as an idea and will continue to write. I hope that these plans will really come to fruition.

Are you making plans for the new year or just go with the flow?

Amairo out

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