Nocturne #1: Night revelations

Hello, dear readers!

How are you this late night? I hope you are well, and you want to read. Because I really want to read and I can boldly say that the desire to read has returned with full force. Well, I don’t have as much time as I want, but that’s why I giving myself as much as I can.

And what is “Nocturne”, and with number 1? Well, very simple – my new thematic idea for posts, which, however, unlike previous times will happen in the evening, because this is the only time when I can be active, after work, of course.

What is this?

Literally translated from Latin (nocturnus) = night, corresponding to the time in which these posts will be published. From French – nocturne – is a classical musical form, resting at a slow tempo, pathetic expression, many melodic ornaments and a central accelerated part. This is one of the genres of musical romanticism.

And what does this do in a book blog? Well, the fact that the book blog is mine, and I’m a big fan of classical music, and music in general. Music is an integral part of my daily life and even if I don’t read, I definitely listen to music. So I decided to combine the two in order to get interesting posts. Or at least that’s the main idea.

When it will happen?

Well, my original plan was to happen, if not every night, then every other night. Because while I’m working during the day, a lot of book news shows up, which I usually se in the evening, and because of this schedule of mine, the chance of being able to share something is extremely minimal.

What other than books?

In addition to talking about books, I will use this mixed format to tell you about my favorite music, and my favorite night sky. Take this as a book diary, with a touch of exoticism, night thoughts and wanderings, music and lots of coffee. Let the magic begin!

Amairo out

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

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