• Bookish Blog

    Goodreads Book Challenge 2016

    Holly Mother of Yeah!!! xD It’s official! I completed my book challenge on Goodreads for this year! Okay, I’ll calm down! I know that 35 books are not too much, but comparing to the last year, in which I wasn’t…

  • Branded

    Keary Taylor – Branded

    Branded Author: Keary Taylor Series: Fall of Angels, Book 1 Date read: 2 April 2016 Times read: 1 Rating: 3/5 stars Book page I must be honest, it took me more than a year to decide to read this book…

  • Paper Towns

    John Green – Paper Towns

    Paper Towns Author: John Green Date read: 20 February 2016 Times read: 1 Rating: 5/5 stars Book page I had been listened about John Green’s books before lots of time. And when my friend gave “Paper Towns” to me, telling…