The Mortal Instruments Series

The Mortal Instruments

the mortal instruments

The Mortal Instruments series:

Book 1: City of Bones
Book 2: City of Ashes
Book 3: City of Glass
Book 4: City of Fallen Angels
Book 5: City of Lost Souls
Book 6: City of Heavenly Fire


City of Bones: Fifteen-year-old protagonist Clary Fray goes to the Pandemonium Club with her best friend, Simon Lewis, where she sees a blue haired boy and a black haired girl sneak into a storeroom, pursued by two other boys; one armed with what appears to be a knife. She sends Simon for help and herself follows the group into the storeroom, where she witnesses the blue haired “boy” being killed; whereupon he vanishes from the room, with the explanation that demons “return to their home dimensions when they die.” Simon enters the storeroom with the bouncer in tow and questions why she is there alone; and realizing no one else can see the others, she mumbles an apology.

When she returns home, her mother, Jocelyn, scolds her for staying out so late. The next day, Jocelyn announces that they are moving from New York City to the country for the summer where Jocelyn’s best friend, Luke, has a house. Clary, upset by the unexpected move, confides in Simon that she knows almost nothing about her mother or her entire family. Simon mentions seeing thin, white scars on Jocelyn’s back and shoulders, but Clary dismisses this. They go to a poetry reading where Clary sees Jace, one of the boys she saw, who privately tells Clary about demon-hunters, called Shadowhunters or Nephilim, and claims Clary is not a mundane (ordinary human). Clary answers a call from Jocelyn, who frantically warns her not to come home and to tell Luke that “he” has found her. The call ends abruptly. After failure to telephone back, Clary returns to her house and finds it in disarray, with her mother gone. She is attacked by another demon, which she kills with Jace’s sensor; and Jace brings Clary to the “institute”: the local headquarters of the Shadowhunters, where she is introduced to two other hunters, Isabelle and Alec, and the tutor, Hodge. Jace and Clary return to Clary’s house and meet her neighbor, who has a teleportation portal. To find her mother, Clary, followed by Jace, rushes through the portal, and they land at Luke’s bookstore and find Simon, in search of Clary. The three hide inside the store. Luke returns with two men, Pangborn and Blackwell, whom Valentine sent to interrogate Luke about the Mortal Cup: a talisman sought by both parties. Luke claims ignorance of where Jocelyn hid the Mortal Cup, and refuses to negotiate with them or interfere with Valentine’s plans. Clary and Jace, accompanied by Simon, tell Hodge what they learned, and Hodge tells them about the Circle: a group of Shadowhunters that Valentine formed to eliminate all Downworlders (vampire, werewolves, faeries, warlocks, and others), which Jocelyn, Valentine’s wife, was forced to join. Clary and Jace go to the Silent City to speak to the Silent Brothers, who tell them that a block in her mind prevents her from remembering the Shadow World; itself placed by Magnus Bane. Isabelle meanwhile has found an invitation in the demon’s pocket (the one that Jace had killed at the Pandemonium Club), to a warlock’s party hosted by Magnus Bane. At the party, Clary meets Magnus Bane, who says his spell is too complex to remove but will fade naturally if it is not re-enforced every two years, and was placed at the behest of Jocelyn. During the party, Simon ignores Isabelle’s warning and drinks a blue liquid that transforms him into a rat. Vampires take him thinking Simon was one of their own; but Clary and Jace rescue him, and restore him to human form. That night, Jace takes Clary to the Institute’s greenhouse on a midnight picnic to celebrate Clary’s sixteenth birthday.

As her memories emerge, Clary deduces that the Mortal Cup is hidden in one of Madame Dorothea’s tarot cards. Clary retrieves the Cup, but a demon possesses Madame Dorothea. Aided by Simon, they escape and return to the Institute where Hodge hands over the Cup and an unconscious Jace to Valentine. Hodge flees, pursued by Clary. Hodge attacks her in an alleyway, but she is unexpectedly saved by Luke, who is a werewolf. While Luke’s werewolf pack attack Valentine’s followers, Clary locates her mother, who is unconscious, and also finds Jace, who says Valentine identified Jace himself as his son; this dismays both Jace and Clary. Valentine entices Jace to return to Idris with him. Jace refuses, and Valentine escapes through a portal with the Cup, smashing the portal behind him.


City of Ashes: Jocelyn has not woken up yet, so Clary is now living at Luke’s house. Clary’s emotions are tangled when Simon kisses her and starts calling her his girlfriend. They go to a party and Simon pulls Clary aside. Jace has been exiled from the Institute under suspicions of being a spy for Valentine. He heads to a bar, Hunters Moon, having nowhere to live now, only to discover that a werechild was slain nearby and that the pack wants his help. Jace refuses to help and is attacked by the pack, only to be saved by Luke. After some prompting by Luke, Jace goes to the Institute to confront Alec and Isabelle’s mother who had kicked him out, who reveals that the Inquisitor was coming and she was only trying to spare him.

Clary returns to the Institute and receives a text message from Isabelle saying that Jace has angered the Inquisitor and has been imprisoned in the Silent City. While sitting in his cell, Jace hears something attacking the Silent Brothers and discovers that Valentine has killed them to get the second Mortal Instrument – the Mortal Sword. Clary, Isabelle, and Alec respond to a distress call from the Silent City, only to discover the slaying of the Silent Brothers. Clary frees Jace using an amplified version of the opening rune, that just crossed her mind, only for the Inquisitor to appear and accuse Jace of going along with Valentine, since Jace was supposed to go on trial by the sword and now it is gone. Magnus Bane offers to keep Jace as a prisoner in his apartment, where he and the others try to figure out Valentine’s potential plans. Jace later receives an offer from the Queen of the Seelie Court to visit her court. Jace goes with Simon, Isabelle and Clary. The group convinces the Queen to help them defeat Valentine, while the Queen says she is still not sure and also mentions how their court knows deep secrets, like how Jace and Clary are their father’s wonderful experiments come to life. The group is confused and decides to leave. However, Clary is tricked into consuming faery food, and is only allowed to leave by kissing “whom she most desires”. At first Simon kisses her unexpectedly, thinking the wanted kiss might be his. However, the kiss does not free Clary and Isabelle suggests that the kiss might be from Jace. The three are reluctant at first, what with Clary being Jace’s sister, but after Izzy insists that she too would kiss Alec if only to free him, Jace kisses Clary. The kiss suddenly becomes intense and passionate, and afterwards Clary is free, proving that Jace’s kiss is the one she most desires. This hurt Simon, so he storms off after they return to their realm. Jace and Clary confess their love to each other and Clary immediately regrets it. Jace suggests keeping a secret relationship, to which Clary replies that it would eventually be discovered and that she is unwilling to lie to their friends and family.

Later, Raphael shows up at the Institute with Simon who is on the verge of death. The vampire explains that Simon’s small initial intake of vampire blood earlier at the Hotel Dumont made Simon believe he was turning into a vampire, and he went to the Hotel Dumont to see Raphael. He then was devoured by vampires, mixing his blood with theirs. Thus, as the only way left to save him, Simon is buried and transforms into a vampire, which causes a distraught Clary to ignore Jace as a result of her concern over Simon and his new undead status. While discussing how to potentially tell Simon’s mother about his vampire transformation with Clary, Maia comes into the house with wounds too severe for Luke to treat. Magnus heals Maia while Luke decides to check outside to see if the demons are still there. Luke is attacked and gets badly injured. Jace, Simon, and Clary battle the demons outside of the house. The demons flee after seeing Clary’s rune on her forearm which she got during a dream of her mother blessing her Shadowhunter path. They return to the house to rest with the others and end up talking about the remarkably powerful rune Clary used to free Jace earlier. Clary reveals that it was something she just thought of, and everyone opposes her, saying that nobody can simply make up a rune as it is created by angels. Clary is dared to make a new rune, and she ends up making a fearless rune, as suggested by Jace. They try it on Alec, whose parents and sister arrive suddenly. Alec suddenly approaches his parents, saying he’s seeing someone who is a Downworlder. Magnus magically silences him before he says who he is dating and he’s startled, as if he just woke up. Alec claims not to remember anything, and suddenly gets nervous and defensive when asked who he is dating, leading them to believe that the rune actually worked. Everyone decides to sleep, but Jace secretly borrows Raphael’s motorcycle and meets Valentine at a ship. Valentine offers protection to his loved ones if Jace joins him and comes back to Idris. Jace is silent, but the next morning the Inquisitor comes to claim that Jace was with Valentine and threatens to kill Jace if Valentine does not return the Mortal Instruments. At Jace’s denial, the Inquisitor once again imprisons Jace, planning to make a trade with Valentine – Jace’s life for the Mortal Instruments. Jace tries to tell her that it will not work, which the Inquisitor refuses to believe as she devises a plan of revenge on Valentine because he killed her son. While she is traveling to see Simon, Maia is attacked by the Demon of Fear, Agramon, who comes to her in the form of her dead brother, after which Valentine kidnaps her.

Clary and the others discover Maia’s kidnapping and rescue her with the help once again of Magnus, but not before Valentine kills the newborn Simon. Jace manages to restore life to Simon by feeding him his blood, after which the Inquisitor appears. After seeing Jace’s star-shaped scar on his shoulder, she begins to suggest something about who his parents are, then suddenly kills a demon that was attacking him. She dies during the process, leaving Jace confused at her sudden change of heart.

Meanwhile, one of Valentine’s demons kidnaps Clary and brings her to his boat where Valentine intimidates her with the Mortal Sword. Jace and Simon find and rescue her and Valentine admits that Jace only chose to fight on the Shadowhunter side because he loves Clary more than as a sister. He knew of this when Jace saw Agramon in the form of Clary dying the first time it met him, and Jace reveals he has killed Agramon the second time he met it in the form of Valentine. Jace throws Clary’s stele to her and Clary quickly makes an opening rune on the ship’s metal, which causes all of the ship’s pieces to open up, making it explode. Clary falls in the river and is saved by nixies the Seelie Queen sent to help. The group escapes by truck, where Simon discovers that Jace’s blood has made him a “Daylighter”, a vampire that can tolerate the sun’s heat. After a talk with Luke about love and his regrets of not telling Clary’s mother how he felt about her, Clary finally decides to tell Jace of her love for him and her sudden change of mind to start a relationship, regardless of its consequences. However, before she can say anything, Jace tells her that he will only act as her brother from then on, breaking her heart. As Clary reels from this, she meets a woman who introduces herself as Madeleine, one of Jocelyn’s friends, and says that she knows how to wake up Clary’s mother.


City of Glass: Picking up from City of Ashes, City of Glass begins a few days after Clary and Simon’s awkward break-up. With the permission of the Clave and Alicante, Magnus Bane creates a portal to send the Lightwoods, Jace, Clary and Madeleine to Alicante. Desperate to keep Clary safe, Jace lures Simon to the Institute and asks him to lie to the Lightwoods about Clary not wanting to go to Idris. Simon refuses, but their argument over the issue is interrupted when the Institute is attacked by Forsaken. During the attack Madeleine is killed. Simon is seriously injured, which leaves Jace with no choice but to bring him through the portal as well or risk the Forsaken killing him.

Magnus explains to Clary what has happened. Using her powers Clary creates a portal. Luke attempts to stop her, but instead both are dragged through to Idris. Since none will enter the city who are not authorized, they are thrown outside of the city into the surrounding fields, mountains blocking their path to Alicante. They land in a strange lake with odd reflective powers. Luke explains that they landed in Lake Lyn, which is the very lake that Raziel emerged from with the Mortal Cup and Sword, offering the instruments to Jonathon Shadowhunter (the first of the Shadowhunters). Lake Lyn has been cursed for all Shadowhunters since; the water is incredibly toxic and, if ingested, causes intense hallucinations and fever that could be followed by madness.

They travel to Alicante, passing through one of the Shadowhunter’s graveyards where Clary has a vision of her own grave and Luke realizes the effects of the lake water have taken over. Luke and Clary use a hidden alley and slip into the city, only for her to collapse into a heap. Luke carries her to the home of a Shadowhunter known as Amatis whom we later learn is Luke’s sister. Amatis nurses Clary back to health and she remains behind with Amatis in the city while the others are introduced to Aline Penhallow and her cousin Sebastian Verlac. Some members of the Clave want Simon to lie and say that he, along with the Lightwood family, are Valentine’s spies, but Simon refuses, which leads to his imprisonment.

Clary sneaks away from Luke’s sister’s house to find the others, only to find Jace and Aline kissing each other. Jace yells harshly at Clary to drive her away and cause her to return home. Clary leaves, heartbroken, and Sebastian offers to take her home where she finds an angry Amatis waiting for her. Clary sorts things out with Amatis, and Sebastian, later, helps her with her plan to save her mother. The two go to Ragnor Fell’s house the next day, where Clary is shocked to discover that Ragnor has been killed and that Magnus was there in his place. Magnus freezes Sebastian and informs Clary that she must gain a spellbook in the Wayland country home in order to save her mother. After unfreezing Sebastian, Clary and Sebastian leave and travel to the ruins of Fairchild manor, where she and Sebastian share a kiss that she breaks due to it not feeling right. She thinks about Jace throughout the whole kiss. Sebastian informs Clary that Simon is in jail.

Clary returns to Amatis’s house where Jace is waiting for her. He apologizes to her for his harsh words, only for the two to fight once again about him not telling her about Simon being in jail. After they calm down, they travel through a portal Clary made in Amatis’s kitchen to the Wayland manor and get the spell book only to discover the remains of an experiment Valentine had been running on a half-dead angel. They then learn through the angel that Jace has demon blood. Jace, after the angel shows them these visions, pulls out a dagger and hands it to the angel. The angel kills himself. The two barely make it out of the house alive when it begins to explode and, while lying on the ground, share a brief moment of passionate romance. Clary stops the two of them when things begin to go too far, accusing Jace of using her so he can hate himself when he says he blames his demon blood for his incestuous feelings for her. The two return to Alicante and find it in flames. Meanwhile, Isabelle just saves Aline from being grabbed by a demon and Aline then runs off. Alec goes after her only to find Magnus, where they resolve their relationship. Clary gives the spellbook to Magnus so he can wake up her mother.

Jace, Clary, and Alec leave to break Simon out of the jail where he is kept. They break out both Simon and Simon’s cellmate, Samuel, only to discover that Samuel is actually Hodge. He informs them that the mirror, the last of the Mortal Instruments, is actually the Lake Lyn. Hodge is then killed by Sebastian, who claims that he did it to keep them out of danger. This causes the four to realize that Sebastian is a spy for Valentine and he flees after a difficult battle with them. They return to the Hall, only to discover that Sebastian has killed Max. After Max’s funeral, Jace sneaks into Clary’s bedroom and tells her he loves her and always will. The two then fall asleep holding hands. The following morning, Jace leaves a note behind and sneaks off to find Sebastian.

Clary manages to convince the Clave to fight together with the Downworlders and teaches them a binding rune that the dying angel showed her. Alec and Magnus share an alliance, and Alec kisses him in front of the huge crowd of Downworlders and Shadowhunters revealing his sexuality to his parents and the Clave. It is during this time that Clary discovers, after talking with her mother (who had finally awoken from the spell that Magnus used from the spell book) that she had received angel’s blood while in the womb and that Jace is actually the son of Stephen Herondale, son of the last Inquisitor, and had also received angel’s blood while he was in his mother’s womb. This means that Jace and Clary are not siblings and Jace does not have demon blood, but rather more angel’s blood, and further reveals that Sebastian is actually Clary’s brother. Clary then marks Simon with the Mark of Cain, a powerful protection spell, with the intent of saving him from Raphael, who says that vampires will only fight with Shadowhunters against Valentine if they give him Simon. The exchange causes the vampires to fight with the Clave. Meanwhile, Jace finds Sebastian talking to Valentine, who intends to use Lake Lyn to summon Raziel to destroy all the Shadowhunters that have not drunk from the Mortal Cup. After Valentine leaves, Jace battles Sebastian, who informs him of the actual familial bonds that Jocelyn told Clary. The battle between the two ultimately ends up with Jace defeating Sebastian with a stab through the back, piercing his heart.

Clary portals to Lake Lyn to stop Valentine from summoning Raziel, but he uses a special rune to paralyze her body and voice. He then reveals to her his intent of using her as a sacrifice. When Jace arrives to rescue her, Valentine uses Jace’s blood for the sacrifice by stabbing him in the chest and successfully summons Raziel. However, Raziel sees through Valentine’s schemes and kills him. When Raziel offers to grant Clary one wish, Clary asks for Jace back.

At the celebration after Alicante has been saved, Clary sees a woman dressed in white talking to Magnus (who is later revealed to be Tessa Gray) and the Seelie Queen asks Clary for a favor but she turns the Queen down stating she has everything she wants. She then returns to Jace, her family, and the rest of her friends to enjoy the fireworks display.


City of Fallen Angels: Simon Lewis receives an offer from a vampire named Camille Belcourt who claims to have been usurped by Raphael Santiago. She says that if Simon joins her side as the Daylighter, then he will finally earn his place in the vampire society. After his meeting, he returns home worried about what his mother would think as she has been suspicious since he went to Idris in City of Glass and did not return for a few days. Although Magnus Bane erased memories of his absence, she was still subconsciously suspicious about his whereabouts. As Simon tries to adjust to life as a vampire, he is attacked a couple of times and each time the Mark of Cain curse works and the attackers are killed or flee in terror. Anyone who tries to attack him quickly meets with a biblical “sevenfold” death. After coming home after such an attack, his mother confronts him about the blood she has found hidden in his closet and he is forced to tell her what he has become. She believes that he is no longer her son and begins to pray. Desperate, he tells her that its a bad dream and she, surprisingly, believes him, with the help of his persuasion powers as a vampire. Knowing that he can’t go back to his mother’s house, he moves in with his band’s new member, Jordan Kyle. When Jace comes to Simon’s apartment, he meets Kyle, and realizes that Kyle is, in fact, a werewolf.

Meanwhile, Jace has been having dreams in which he murders Clary by stabbing her or choking her which has led to stress between the two of them, leading Jace to avoid her. This of course, leads Clary to worry what is going on between them. Clary and her mother also discover that someone is trying to make more children like Jonathan, which again Jocelyn has trouble coming to terms with. At one of Simon’s band’s “concerts”, Simon runs off stage ill from lack of blood consumption. Maureen, a fourteen-year-old and the band’s only fan, follows Simon and asks for his picture. Halfway through taking it, Simon bites her and drinks her blood, and is thankfully interrupted by Kyle. At the concert, after the incident with Maureen, Simon is confronted by Maia and Isabelle. They are furious at him, as he never told either of them that he was dating both of them. Halfway through the argument, Kyle shows up. Before he can say anything, Maia recognizes him. It turns out that Jordan Kyle is actually Maia’s ex-boyfriend who had turned her into a werewolf. She attacks him, only to be stopped by Simon and Isabelle. The day after that, they receive a message saying someone was holding Simon’s girlfriend hostage and he should go save her. Calling up Clary, Isabelle, and Maia, Simon determines it’s a joke, only to find that it was actually Maureen, who would always claim to be Simon’s girlfriend at concerts, and had been kidnapped and killed when Simon did not show up to save her.

Clary then goes to the Church of Talto only to find herself fighting a Hydra demon and was later helped out by Isabelle. Jace and Clary have an intimate moment in one of the spare rooms in the Institute. On, the point of taking the step in their relationship, Jace injures Clary with a knife. Disturbed by his recent nightmares, Jace breaks down and admits that he’s been having nightmares and that was the reason why he was avoiding Clary. Clary then offers to take him to the Silent City to get help from the Silent Brothers. There, the Silent Brothers say that the nightmares Jace is having is due to his vulnerability to demonic influence, which occurred after Jace was resurrected by the Angel Raziel after Valentine had stabbed him. All Shadowhunters are subject to a ritual to protect them as infants. As Jace died, it was like he had been reborn without the protection. The Brothers want to perform the ritual again to give him the protection performed. Clary wants to stay with Jace, but the Silent Brothers say that she will be a distraction. Jace tells Clary that he will get better for her and Clary promises to see him very soon. Clary and Jace say their goodbyes and Clary leaves for the night. In his cell, Jace has a dream that he is back in Idris while realizing it’s still a dream. Max appears to him and persuades him that the dreams are telling him that he is actually hurting Clary and his father (Stephen Herondale) is worried about him. He cuts his arms after Max convinces him that he will destroy the rotten part. With his blood, Max, who is actually the demon Lilith, draws a rune on his chest which allows him to be under Lilith’s influence.

Jocelyn and Luke, now engaged, attend an engagement party organized by Luke’s werewolf pack, in which Simon disappears. Clary also disappears after being kidnapped by Jace to which no one else knows about yet. He has lied to Clary about leaving the Silent Brothers early. Jace tells Clary about a rune that binds them to one another forever. Clary accepts and hands him her stele. He begins to draws a rune, but Clary finds out too late that this is not the rune he told her about as she begins to lose consciousness with Jace catching her and carrying her away. Simon is led away from the party by Maureen, now a vampire, and is taken to Lilith, who has been alive since the beginning of time. She turned up at one of Simon’s band’s concerts and introduced herself as a prompter called Satrina. She explains that she needs him to resurrect Sebastian from the dead. When he tells her that he cannot bring the dead back to life, she tells him that he had had that power ever since he became a Daylighter. In order to persuade him to resurrect Sebastian, she possesses Jace and orders him to kidnap Clary. Jace brings Clary to Lilith and she orders him to kill her if Simon does not resurrect Sebastian. Simon reluctantly bites him and drains some of his blood; being poisoned in the process due to Sebastian’s demon blood.

Isabelle, Alec, Maia, and Jordan follow Simon using a business card they found in his wallet. When they get to the building, they check every floor until they find him. However, instead of finding Simon, they find the place that Lilith used as her nursery, with all the children dead. Everyone of them had clawed hands and black eyes, like that one Clary and her mom saw at the hospital. The babies were the outcome of Lilith trying to make half-demon children like Sebastian. While going through the room, Isabelle notices someone in the corner and attacks that person, and it turns out to be a mother of one of the babies who then explains to them what happened.

Meanwhile, Clary tricks Jace by saying she does not wish to watch and he embraces her. She then grabs Jace’s knife and cuts the rune that Lilith is using to possess him on his chest, causing Jace to be freed from Lilith’s control. Jace tells Clary to run away, and believes that she did, but then Lilith reveals that Clary stayed and starts torturing her with a whip. Jace is upset and tells Lilith that he’ll do what she wants if she lets Clary go, but Lilith wants and intends to torture Clary to madness.The third time that she goes to hit Clary, Simon kills Lilith by throwing himself between Lilith and Clary (The Mark of Cain). The Clave appears at the scene, and Isabelle tells them the story of what happened downstairs, while Jace is waiting for them upstairs. Jace and Clary share an intimate moment up on the roof. Jace is ashamed of his actions despite literally having no control over himself. Clary tells him that she loves him no matter what happens and the two share a kiss. She then goes down to the lobby to meet her mother, Luke, Simon, Maia, Alec, Magnus, and Isabelle, promising to come back in five minutes.

It concludes with Jace’s rune healing, hearing Sebastian’s voice in his head, and with Sebastian/Jonathan now in control of Jace, Jace is forced to finish the awakening ritual on Sebastian, who is now wholly and fully alive.


City of Lost Souls: The book opens with Simon returning home, only to find that he has been barred from entering because his mother believes that he is a fake that has murdered the real Simon. Things become more tense when he learns from Clary that Jace is currently missing and untraceable. Clary and the rest of the group manages to gain the assistance of the Seelie Queen, but at the cost of two Faerie rings that would allow the wearers to communicate telepathically. Desperate, Clary agrees to the terms and while searching for the rings in a Shadowhunter library, accidentally observes Jace enter the library and speak in friendly terms with Sebastian- which confuses Clary, who had been hiding during the conversation.

That night Clary wakes to find Jace lying in bed with her, asking her to come with him. Shortly after this, Sebastian enters the room- something that is discovered by Jocelyn, who screams and alerts others to their presence. The two leave, but promise to return for Clary. She eventually decides to join the two men as a spy while using the Faerie rings to communicate with Simon. During this time Clary realizes that Jace has been possessed by Sebastian, as he acts more like Sebastian than himself. Jace manages to temporarily shake off the possession and explain that Sebastian is planning to use Lilith’s blood to create an army of dark Shadowhunters using the second Mortal Cup and will turn himself into the Clave, as he’d rather die than continue to be possessed. He was only able to regain control due to the rune controlling him having received damage, which would also cause him to eventually die. Not wanting Jace’s death, Clary calls Sebastian in and asks him to heal the rune. Meanwhile, Simon and the others summon Raziel, who gives Simon a blade of Heaven named Glorious but at the cost of Simon’s Mark of Cain.

Clary is later shown to be searching Sebastian’s room, where she discovers her Faerie ring. She manages to alert Simon of most of Sebastian’s plan and tells him to come to the Seventh Sacred Site, but is caught midway through by Sebastian and is forced to destroy the Faerie ring. The two then fight and Sebastian unsuccessfully tries to rape Clary, who manages to escape. She ends up going to the Seventh Site, where Simon gives Clary Raziel’s sword, which she uses to hunt Sebastian. Unable to reach Sebastian, Clary uses the Angel blade and stabs Jace, believing that it won’t kill him as his heart is more good than evil. Jace is set alight, leading the others to believe that he is dead.

Sebastian flees the battle, most of his dark Shadowhunters dead. Jace is discovered to be alive and he’s taken back to the Institute for healing. When she’s finally allowed to visit Jace, she learns that stabbing him with Glorious has filled him with “sacred fire”, which will burn anything he touches whenever he gets an adrenaline rush. Magnus ends up breaking up with Alec due to Camille’s offer to strip Magnus of his immortality, as Alec had truly considered accepting the offer despite him ultimately refusing. Upset, Alec sets out to kill Camille but discovers Maureen, who tells him that she has killed Camille in order to gain leadership over her vampire clan by vampire law.


City of Heavenly Fire: Shadowhunters of the Los Angeles Institute meet to discuss about the army of Endarkened Shadowhunters when the army, led by Sebastian Morgenstern, ambush the Institute, endarken some shadowhunters, and kidnap Mark Blackthorn, leaving Mark’s five half-siblings and Emma Carstairs to escape to Alicante.

Maryse Lightwood announces to the New York Institute that an emergency meeting is due in Alicante to discuss the attack on five Institutes around the world. Clary Fray reluctantly leaves Simon Lewis to be guarded by Maia Roberts and Jordan Kyle for his safety. However, Simon is kidnapped by Maureen Brown and her vampire aides to be her groom, but Raphael Santiago frees and helps him to come to Alicante. Praetor Lupus, the brotherhood of werewolves, is soon attacked by the Endarkened with Jordan and Praetor Scott among the casualties, resulting in Bat Velasquez and Rufus Hastings battling for praetor position. The vacuum of power is finally ended when Maia kills Rufus, becoming the new praetor, and also tricks Maureen into drinking holy water so the latter’s aide, Lily, can usurp her to become the leader of the vampire clan.

At Alicante, Emma and Julian Blackthorn are interrogated using the Mortal Sword, Clary comforting the former when she breaks in tears. Choosing to accept her Morgenstern heritage, Clary claims Heosphoros, the twin of Sebastian’s Phaesphoros, as her sword. The Seelie Queen, now allied with Sebastian, sends Meliorn to ask the Downworlder Representatives (Jocelyn Fray, Luke Garroway, Magnus Bane, and Raphael) to join them; when they refuse, he brings them to Edom, the realm of demons. Jace Herondale is injured during the ensuing conflict and burns Brother Zachariah back into his Shadowhunter persona. An Endarkened soon gives an ultimatum for the Clave to hand over Clary and Jace. Clary, Jace, Simon, and Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, force the Seelie Queen to send them to Edom. Confronting Sebastian, Clary pretends to agree to rule by his side, but then stabs him with Heosphoros, reverting him back momentarily to the brother she could have, Jonathan Morgenstern, who destroys the Infernal Cup before he dies, killing the Endarkened, including Luke’s sister, Amatis. To escape Edom, Magnus summons his father, Asmodeus, who offers a way out in exchange for magnus’ immortality and life. Simon offers a lighter option: his immortality and memories of the Shadow World. The Clave punishes the faeries and sends Emma to live with the Blackthorns. Meanwhile, Clary scatters Jonathan’s ashes in Lake Lyn and mourns for Simon.

Several months later, Jocelyn and Luke hold their wedding, attended by numerous Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike. Simon has remembered bits of the Shadow World as well as his relationship with Isabelle. Attending the wedding is also Tessa Gray and Jem Carstairs (Brother Zachariah), who formally introduces herself to Clary.